Freshwater Shotgun Treatment Four

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This is for very large bodies of water and includes Potassium permanganate and Anchor Worm Treatment

Shotgun Treatment IV

Shotgun IV is for larger bodies of water where Praziquantel would be cost prohibitive so we rely on Potassium Permanganate. To bring in an Anchor Worm Spectrum we add an insect gyrase but Dimilin is better economy even if dosing is inexact. 

Potassium permanganate is a caustic alkali in a powder form (in its economical form) and it's used at about 1tsp per 600 gallons of water. It brings in a specgtrum against germs, fungi, many ciliates (except Ich) and it can control flukes. It can't control agulus or lernea.
At right, 500 grams of dry PP is not even twice as much money is only 20% (100g bottle) Buy the bigger one. 

This is a chitin-synthesis inhibitor, also known as an insect gyrase, it stops crustacean parasites from developing their exoskeleton, which kills them. This is the Dimilin form. It has greater economy in larger bodies of water like ponds of several thousand gallons.